Examples of Black Hat SEO and why it is unethical

A Black Hat SEO is a method that goes against webmaster guidelines provided by the search engine. By going against webmaster guidelines, their methods will be unethical and their website could face major consequences such as being removed or ranked down in the SEO rankings. Through methods of cloaking, private links and etc, it is fast to get a high SEO ranking however the website has a high risk of getting taken down.  Wellington SEO services provides minimal risk guaranteed methods to get your website to the first page.

The most common example of a Black Hat SEO is called keyword stuffing. What this is trying to do is to  get your website to the first page by adding the same keywords and phrases with no relevance. It can also sound relevant, however saying the same phrases over and over again will seem very uncharacteristic of a reliable website. It is unethical as it creates negative experiences for users and it adds zero informative value for visitors. As more users receive bad experiences from your website, the chances are higher for your website to be demoted or even removed.

Another example of Black Hat SEO is duplication of content. Some website and content creators will completely copy information and content from other websites in order to move up in the SEO rankings. However they would try to seem unnoticed by Google by adding invisible keywords or hiding the text by camouflaging it with the background. This was quite a popular and unethical technique a few years ago, however Google and other search engines have been able to recognise these unethical practices.

Redirecting is a method of Black Hat SEO that is also very common. This process involves sending a user to another link when they click on your website. This is very unethical as the redirect could send them to a website that isn’t what they were looking for and it can create multiple complications for them. Redirects conjure very negative outcomes and experiences for users and the website may face dire consequences.

These are Black Hat SEO techniques that are very unethical as they create horrid experiences for users who want to gain information. These methods are unethical and websites that practice this can face major repercussions. Wellington SEO services are here to take your website to the top through ethical practices.